Fireplace Mantel Decor To Sweeten Up Living Room

Fireplace is the focal point of your living room. It should be decorated nicely to give your living room a sense of warmness that will make everyone inside your house comfortable. When you take your guest to the living room, they can also sense the warmness of your house just by seeing the decorations on the fireplace. Therefore, getting a nice fireplace mantel decor should be done on every house. You will not regret it if you have find the perfect fireplace decorations.

There are many ways to decor your fireplace mantel. From so many years ago, people constantly decorate their fireplace mantel for the same purpose, making their living room comfortable. You can choose the style that you want to apply on your fireplace mantel. The classic style is a good fireplace mantel decor. The use of candles are essentials in this style. From many decades ago, candles had been put above the fireplace mantel as a decorations and as a second light source when your fireplace is not used. Don’t forget to add something in the space between the candles above the fireplace mantel. You can use some paintings or pictures on the blank space or you also can put an artificial flower bouquet on it. For christmas, you can use the circular garlands as a filling of the blank space.

If you want to try the modern style for your fireplace mantel decor, you just have to remember to keep it as simple as possible. You can put any art pieces above your fireplace mantel without the involvement of any other items around it. But if you feel it too bare to see, you can put something on your fireplace mantel such as simple decorating items but always keep it as minimum as possible so that the modern feel will not be ruined.

6 Photos of the Fireplace Mantel Decor To Sweeten Up Living Room