Federal style of architecture

Federal style architecture that developed in American architecture and the decorative arts in the late XIX – early XX century. Was named in honor of the formation of the federal government of America in 1787, this style version of neoclassicism, became popular, linking the Roman Republic and the United States.

Federal style architecture, excellent instills in furniture and to a certain extent, to the silver, almost touched the glass, ceramics and textiles. Light, elegant furniture is made mainly of mahogany. Development proceeded federal style architecture strongly influenced by the British and the Sheraton Heppluayta, ornamentation is therefore clear imprint of neoclassicism: carved or inlaid patters (circle or oval, often decorated with acanthus leaves), guilloche, garlands, fruit baskets, fans and antique urns. Tables, chairs and buffets received support in the form of curved legs and lyre motif adorned not only back, but also side-bar card, workers and tables. Popular and was painted furniture topographical views of Baltimore and New York.

Federal style architecture

Among the masters of furniture makers and unique kitchen design who worked in the Federal style in the first place should be called D. Fife, and then – D. Seymour, D. and X. Finley, S. Bedlam, I. and D. Sanderson. Trained in France gave the federal features of the French Empire style. Their furniture is characterized by gilded bronze plates, white marble and brass decorative borders. Silver utensils acquired forms of neoclassical urns or amphorae with a square base and unpretentious coinage or a thin border on the rim of the bottle.

Duncan Fyfe (1768-1850), the greatest American cabinetmaker, the most prolific and popular in the United States beginning of XIX century, was a brilliant representative of the Federal style.

Federal Style three story house on Martha's Vineyard with black shutters on the windows.

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