Design of a private house: the legal aspect

Design is an important stage of construction, because it determines the appearance, layout and cost of construction of the house. Consider the legal side of design: responsible for the construction without the project, the peculiarities of a contract for the design and responsibility for errors in the project.

Is it possible to build a house without a project

The legislation allows an individual to build a house without a draft, provided that they meet a number of criteria:

to be the object of individual housing construction;
they will live only one family;
building height will not exceed three floors.

Thus, when counting floors of the building, which will be built without the project, should be considered a basement, basement, attic and all other levels. Of course, you can take a chance and do not contribute to the number of floors of the basement, but be prepared that this position may not agree regulatory authorities and the court.

In the legislation there are several types of facilities that definitely should not be considered when counting the number of floors of the house:

The underground room of any size and height, located between the first and ground floor, designed to accommodate the piping systems.
Inter — floor space-any space located between floors, the height of which does not exceed 1.8 metres.
Strahovanie the responsibility of the contractor to the customer.
In the case of damage to the customer due to errors in the work of designers, such condition will help the customer to quickly obtain compensation from strahovoj company, and she in turn will recover the money from the contractor.

The responsibility of the designer for errors in the project. Judicial practice

Imagine the situation: the facade is built according to the building project went crack and the reason for this are errors in the calculations of the designers. In such a case, according to the Civil and city-planning code, the authors of the project are directly responsible and obliged to compensate their fault for the damage.

The owner of the building is sufficient to submit them to the court, attaching to the claim a contract for execution of design works and requiring the claim to conduct the examination, which can confirm that damage was caused because of wrong actions of the designers. But if the customer has signed a contract with the construction company, and she already hired a design company should seek restitution from the developer.

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