Color scheme bathroom

The design of the bathroom is traditionally the subject of your wildest dreams. Of course, in its arrangement of all important details:

the arrangement of the interior,

But to begin with, it should select the color palette. Realizing which colors will dominate in the finish, it is much easier to solve all the remaining issues. How to avoid the extremes and at the same time not to create a variegated something or sad nothing? Let’s try to understand this in more detail.

The physiology of color

As you know, all colors are divided in their perceptions of warm and cold.

The first group includes red, yellow, orange and their shades
and the second – variations of blue, blue and purple.

Green occupies an intermediate position, the perception of this color is determined by the predominance of yellow or blue in its composition.

Colors prevailing in the decoration of the room largely determines our emotional state, and even physiological responses. For example, it found that at the same ambient temperature of a room decorated in red and orange colors will appear warmer than the one in finish dominated by blue-green range. Moreover, “fluctuations in temperature” is quite significant and can reach 6-8 degrees.

The warm tones in the interior create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, tone. However, as you get closer to the red end of the spectrum, their impact becomes exciting. On the contrary, cool colors soothe and help to relax and focus. Sufficiently controversial purple: being deep and thick, he depressing effect on the psyche and can even cause depression, but its dyed blonde and muted shades completely calm.

Finally, neutral colors – white, black and grey, an impartial and to balance the emotions. White creates the effect of lightness and purity, gray – a sense of security.

Is also a rich combination of colors. Bright colors stimulate, tone, pastel, on the contrary, soothes and relaxes. The abundance of contrasts, such as the combination of bright warm and cold shades, exciting, but tiring quickly.

The choice of palette

Experts advise to choose the colors for the premises in accordance with its purpose. Bathroom is associated primarily with hygiene and water treatments, but at the same time serves as a place for relaxation, where every family member spends an average of about an hour a day. Therefore, its decoration is often dominated by bright warm colors and white as the main color.

By the way, white is universal, it goes well with any other colors and has the unique property to soften the bright colors and tonal contrasts in the interior. Often a variety of rich colors creates excessive diversity, whereas in combination with white it looks more balanced.

Typically, a bathroom has a small size, therefore it is not necessary to choose too dark a palette as it visually reduces the space. A very popular two-tone finishes, for example, two tiles separated by a border. In this case, tiles of lighter shade to use for the top of the room, otherwise there will be a feeling of heaviness.

Often designers stake on the contrast of saturated colors (blue, red, blue) and white color sanitary ware products, using bright colors for the wall design. If you chose blue as the main color, find the option where it is decomposed into tone scale, or present in the combination of this color with warm undertones.

Not recommended in small confined spaces which is often the bathroom, shades of purple colors, as they create an oppressive mood, and the interior give the severity. Good option is green, which has a positive effect on the weary man, refreshing and soothing.

But should be used in combination with white and beige tones, otherwise the room can look boring and featureless. The ceiling is better to light, for example, white or milk, since these colors create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

How many colors can be present in the decoration of the bathroom? If the interior is dominated by two close shades, then a few small elements from another range not distracting from the overall flavor. Typically, for large areas choose bright, restrained tones, and brighter, more saturated fragments used (drawing, mosaic, paste, etc.), and the General calmness of the interior is diluted by colored parts of small size.

When using multiple shades, you should pick them so that they contrasted in tone. This means that they must be opposite in the color wheel and when mixed to form shades of gray. Such colors are called supplementary to each other.

Examples include a pair of dark red and dark green, light yellow and blue. Combination according to this principle are especially exquisite. Placed side by side, complementary colors mutually reinforcing, creating a single composition, a blend of opposites. However, if bright shades, it is best to Supplement their thin transitions, since excessive contrast is not only roughen the composition, but also to destroy its integrity.

Today, many manufacturers of finishing materials release their products to the collections which are presented within pre-selected color and texture combinations, as well as additional elements: inserts, borders, panels, etc. for Example, visit a specialized salon tile on the demo stands to see choice of finish, designed by designers of leading manufacturers:

Kerama Marazzi,
Guibosa, etc.

Such proposals much easier choice, because even if you don’t buy, it will get useful experience.

Noble Shine

The functional elements of the bathroom are no less important elements of the design of the composition than the details of the walls, floor and ceiling.

For example, faucets and accessories are a kind of reference point, highlight and make the overall picture complete. Therefore, their color and surface texture are also very important. Here is truly a universal solution, combined with any colors, is chrome.

However, it is very important that the coating was resistant to mechanical damage and corrosive effects of water and detergents, because if it is dim, then bright, sparkly touches, emphasizing the elegance of the composition, will turn into a featureless “white spots”. Therefore, the quality of the products is crucial.

For example, the company GROHE, a leading global manufacturer of sanitary fittings, uses innovative technology GROHE StarLight®, which allows you to create a one of a kind chrome finish with dazzling mirror-like Shine. The coating has a dirt-repellent properties, is resistant to scratching and tarnish, so the faucets will look like new for many years of service.

The selection of key interior elements of the bathroom such as tub, shower, sink, etc., should also be well thought out, because to replace them is not as easy as, for example, the furniture in the room. It should be guided by the General rules set out above, in order to preserve the integrity of the composition.

Today, many manufacturers of plumbing products offer a wide color palette. Thus, the company produces Niagara hot tubs of different colors: from classic white to dark gray. And showers of this brand are equipped with doors made of glass all colors of the rainbow. Meet the most unusual solutions that can satisfy the most exquisite taste. For example, the company Neptun has released a series of showers of black color.

Final color choice for the bathroom requires a balanced and thoughtful approach. Focusing on classic design principles and expert advice, we should not forget about your own preferences, because you are trying first and foremost for themselves. So no need to rush: look through magazines and catalogs, shopping and exhibitions, try to imagine how you will feel more comfortable. And make the choice that suits your feelings.

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