Benefits of hanging sliding doors

Benefits of suspension hanging sliding doors systems are obvious, but still lets systematically denote them:

– Saving residential space is a major advantage! It is estimated that, on average, furniture with swinging doors, sliding wardrobes, as well as traditional door system may take up to 60% of the living space. It goes without saying that a hidden in-wall wardrobe or sliding door, this space free.

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– Convenience and security. Remember how many times you’ve tamped the bumps on the open door, they accidentally bumping? With hanging sliding doors it just can not happen.

– Simplicity of installation. Suspension system of aluminum profiles is the easiest way to the sliding door device design. For example, the same sliding doors or even What do you need to know, choosing a good soundproof interior door, although very convenient in operation, but require a serious effort for their resettlement. A professional installer will install a harness without any special preparation, and without resorting to outside help.

Hanging sliding doors are installed using a suspension system, aluminum need no additional grooves and Rails from below. They seemed to be “hanging” in the doorway, so they have no threshold and floor coating remains intact and not broken.

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– Smooth and quiet operation. All do not like when the door loudly clap or groan in loops. With doors, collected using suspension systems, this does not happen. Production technology of aluminum profiles and pendant systems guarantee a noiseless hanging sliding doors.

– The absence of the door frame. In the doorway with a suspension system it is excluded as it is! That’s a savings of time and resources, and its installation and space the space itself.

20 Photos of the Benefits of hanging sliding doors

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