Bathroom decoration

Usually there are two of you – you and your reflection in the mirror. There you are alone and can do anything… for Example, to buy rubber ducks, fish and crocodiles and to arrange a championship in swimming. You can still remember childhood and to have a regatta of paper boats. Best of all – no one will disturb us, because this is your bathroom, one of the most personal corners of the apartment.

It is no secret that the finish of this relatively small space requires special attention and significant investment. Not only that, a good shower in the morning invigorates and energizes for the whole day, and the warm bath in the evening helps to relax, but the bathroom itself really says a lot about the landlord. You can’t brag about my good repair, if the walls of the bathroom tiles fall off, annoyingly dripping tap, constantly flow tube and the Cabinet under the sink – the rarity of the 70s, asking for a long time in the Museum of historical antiquities.

Dirt and mess in the bathroom is not a place, it needs to be clean, comfortable, practical and most comfortable – in short, a Paradise of towels, robes and furry Slippers. Agree, not easy to fulfill so many requirements at once, therefore, the arrangement of the bathroom – and especially bathrooms – should be approached with great care.

Bathroom is probably the only place in the house where in the interior do not rely on ultra-modern trends, and it is better to listen to yourself, be guided by your inner feeling. Blindly chasing fashion, you run the risk instead of the bathroom to get completely uncomfortable and ridiculous room where you long to be you just can’t.

So it was in the mid 90’s when shops instantly disappeared ceramic tiles of dark shades became fashionable to coat her walls in the bathroom. Given that the size of a typical bathroom at that time did not exceed 4-5 square meters, this room is simply turned into some sort of crypt, and a year from unhappy owners drove himself there in force. In any case, responsible and serious in the arrangement of the bathroom is not good idea to enlist the help of a professional designer, because any alteration there can cost very expensive and long to delay the repair.

One of the most important and difficult tasks – planning of premises. Since the plumbing is attached to the risers, sometimes you have to sacrifice their ideas of the perfect interior bathroom, in order not to spend extra tubes and do not have to fight endless blockages and other plumbing issues. The designer will also help the most effective use of the useful area of a bathroom to accommodate everything they need, even in modern homes the dimensions of the bathroom do not always meet the owner’s request.

Dreams about bathing procedures, we first of all present, of course, the bathtub normal or corner, Jacuzzi, handles, special back… Or will it be a shower?.. It’s a matter of taste and financial possibilities, fortunately, the choice today is very large. There are baths in the form of a circle, oval, triangle, polygon, square. There are baths where you can lie down, sit or even stand to his neck in water. Thanks to modern technology they can practically be placed freely in space – to be built into the walls, catwalks, buried in the floor or just standing in the middle of the room.

However, the main still design and convenience: good form will ensure the correct position of the body, which is especially important when you have a hot system. Recently increased the capacity of the baths: their size and depth remained the same, but the slopes become less gentle.

That not only offer manufacturers! For example, a small corner polusidya bath, where the two backs are located near. You can sit in warm water, drink coffee and chat – like water in the living room. Another option is bath for family bathing: it is embedded in the niche and a little wider than normal. There may flounder children (or spouses), and the water will not splatter. By the way, if the shower or tub are steps, don’t forget to ensure that their coverage let slip.

Another essential element of bathroom – sink – modern conditions can be cast iron, ceramic, and metal, and a transparent synthetic. As they say, for every taste and color… Shapes and colors with their variety can seriously to put before you a problem of choice. Just before you decide to buy exotic instance, check its compatibility with your water system. And the ceramic shell should check for the presence of cracks: if the enamel is even slightly damaged, it is better not to risk it. And most importantly, any shell should blend in.

Of course, making the bathroom, we think not only about utility but also about the appearance of the room, so very carefully choose materials for finishing. It’s nice not only to bask in the warm water and enjoy the environment. So, decide the overall style and color scheme. The palette dictates the overall atmosphere in the room.

In addition, by using color you can adjust and draw space. In the bathroom the same laws as in other areas. Dark or rich color narrows, reduces the space light visually expands; horizontal lines, such as curbs around the circumference of the entire bathroom, as a clear division between the dark bottom and light top, visually lower the ceiling.

Trim different colors will reduce the feeling of a large space, make it more cozy. The deep bright colors (beige, pink, scarlet, lemon or copper) ideal to create and isolate the area in a relaxed atmosphere. All the colors are fresh early in the morning will create a cheerful mood.

Traditionally, wall coverings using ceramic tile: it can be the most incredible shades vary in size and texture (glazed and unglazed tile), to simulate other materials – marble, tuff, brick. Very common tile mural with drawings, and recently in Vogue patterns, lined with mosaics.

Many people like bathrooms, marble – and no wonder, it is a durable natural material. Besides it goes well with other materials and very beautiful: each piece has its own original drawing. This is why marble countertops are widely used in finishing of bathrooms. Much less you can find wood – oak, teak, pine, cherry or mahogany. Her book mainly to fans of vintage interiors. Wood finish looks very elegant and original, but many stops its fragility: its service life from 3 to 5 years.

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