Avant-garde bathroom: carefully, modern!

Modern specifically created in order to surprise. But now rarely anyone can do to dumbfound a living room or bedroom in this “traditionally modern” style. And here is the bathroom, decorated contrary to all traditional canons is much more nontrivial solution.

How to get people to come into your bathroom and froze on the threshold, his mouth open and forgetting why they actually come from? About it we will tell.

Cubes and squares

First of all, in a room, draw attention to themselves not the details, but, so to speak, the General background. Therefore, it should take care of first. The walls of the bathroom are best made with tiles, but the tiles that will be different from its companions in classical style.

You can use tiles of various colors and sizes, interspersing it with tile mirror — get a kind of mosaic of cubism.

Great decorate modern bathroom tiles that change color to water temperature (the only drawback — it is not so easy to get, and it is fantastically expensive).
Another excellent option is to utilize the collected tiles the canvas, coalescing into the likeness of a ceramic mural like this one.

Ceiling avant-garde bath it is best to put the entire mirror tile or install a mirrored ceiling (by the way, this option is good because that’ll solve the problem with the lighting). At least something more spectacular for this style think hard.

The main vocation

Next, you should think about what is actually intended your bathroom, and take care to purchase the proper plumbing. Let it shake your guests deeply — do not be redundant even such extravagant things as gold toilet with lighting. As for the glowing plumbers, it is now at the peak of popularity. Here and lit from the inside by a mysterious glow tubs, and glowing amber fire of the shell. This is all very strange, very beautiful and very modern. The main thing is not to overdo it with all these strange objects and have to pick them so that they fit. For example, a gold toilet and sink fire — a very bad combination, it is better to stop on something one.

Necessary stuff

The faucet in the modern bathroom should look modern and unusual. Fortunately, now it is easy to find something interesting. If the glow plumbing you are not intrigued, please note faucets with illuminated jet, evoking pleasant associations with the rays of light, dancing in the jets of the Spa fountain.

In addition to mixers, to the details are inconspicuous, but necessary things as towel racks, shelves and mirrors. But these simple things fully merged into any style, following environment.

Furniture for a wet room

Perhaps this is the most simple, for any shopper at the hardware store will tell you which collection of the presented best suits the modern style — will only pick up on your taste. And specific colors modern furniture speaks for itself: either it is bright flashy colors, or, conversely, black. Of course, in its colour furniture have to match plumbing fixtures.

And finally, avoid excessive medley — bathroom is designed for relaxation and pleasant relaxation. Though, perhaps, the color Orgy you soothes?..

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