Arrangement of child’s room

And now your child has finally got his own room. And the possibility to equip the way you want and the baby. I suggest for this reason specialists?

Arrangement of child’s room is a great way to better understand your child, communicate with them on equal terms. This means, you have to forget about what you read about is desirable for children of color, forget about the pictures from the magazines, forget the predictions of astrologers, etc., etc.

And designers, and psychologists and educators agree on one thing: the design of the room should be able to change.

Well, if the chest of drawers for toys can turn into a few boxes, and the table will be an easel, if the children will have the opportunity to move some elements of the situation.

But really, to find such furniture for children we have is almost impossible. That is why we predlogaem parents to keep in mind this principle as an ideal, strapline which will help to find in obcina furniture store that at least partially meets this requirement.

What does the hygiene?

For children preferred natural materials. In addition, hygienists believe that the furniture, full of different relief decorations, like plastic roses on the Cabinet doors, not suitable for children because of the rosettes is difficult to clean the dust.

The children are very good if bedding is necessary every night to pull out of the wardrobe in the morning and push it back: shake Lesny dust, additionally, the bed should provetrivateli, we have a whole day to lie down in his place, not languishing in the closet.

Junk in the nursery linoleum or artificial carpeting – in addition to releasing hazardous chemicals, carpeted, for example, can provoke an Allergy because it cannot be cleaned out until the end. And here is a small carpet made of natural wool is good because children love to play on the floor. However, if the apartment is warm enough, you can do without it.

In the nursery there should be enough light sources, and it is desirable to be able to regulate the light.

What to do with the walls? Modern technologies offer a variety of options: you can paint the walls you have, you can apply Wallpaper, or you can make a two to three-layer coating with visible relief. Most importantly – good for children that are environmentally perfect, and quite cheap.

Paper Wallpaper – good their is a lot – almost perfect. They have another advantage: they are easy to glue and is not very expensive.

Listen to the child

But parents find it difficult to abandon their own ideas about what it should be, this is the room. Sometimes they are willing to spend device much money, including on environmentally friendly materials, and is almost ready to listen to what the child wants. He says he wants an orange room and you read about something good for a child’s pastel colors… And maybe he is right: we cannot say that in our latitudes, the Sunny days more than cloudy and orange walls would be most welcome?

Remember your childhood

Children’s Another example: you put a wonderful new krotko along the wall – first, you read in a book about education that troubled children like to sleep back to the wall, and, secondly, you yourself seems so familiar. But a three year old daughter refuses to go to a new amazing bed, and soon you understand why. Rather, remember yourself in childhood diligently stuffed a blanket into the crack between the bed and the wall before going to sleep. Now you find it funny, but then it was serious! And your daughter quietly to sleep at the new place after the moving bed at a right angle to the wall. If you think that the room is not wide enough to block her way: kids love nooks.

And if such corners in the room is… That it is necessary to build your house! This act in a child’s life occupies the same place as love the device of the present house, which is occupied by the parents. Only the child is still small, and therefore the house is small.

For Jungian psychoanalyst valuable opportunity to make your little house is undeniable as this imaginary house is a symbol of the human soul. Moreover, when the child is busy creating his home, tactless and harmful to interfere in this process, and especially to disturb him: the man in this moment caught up in myself!

20 Photos of the Arrangement of child’s room