Advantages of bunk beds

How to solve the problem of furniture when the condition is listed there are two children and small children? The answer is obvious – comfortable and safe bunk beds, which saves space and gives, fidgets a lot of fun.

Babies interesting climb up and down the stairs bedside, while in the room is more room for fun and active games. These bunk beds are beautiful and functional, because in the boxes, they are equipped, you can put things (and this is no longer necessary in the chest under the bed linen). Upper bed can be equipped with a special enclosure, so you do not worry about the safety of the sleeping child.

bunk beds with the lower divisions

Some models of bunk beds understand and can be used as two comfortable single beds – it is very profitable, especially if you have in mind in the future alterations to the apartment.

In the illustrated catalog of our site presents a great variety of two-level models, different in texture, structure and design, so you can easily choose the most appropriate furniture in line with the overall harmonious interior nursery.

This is important! All bunk beds are made exclusively from environmentally friendly wood, as Black interior doors – the best variant for you!, in compliance with all health standards. To cover the furniture used hypoallergenic varnishes and paints.

super bunk beds

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