A glass panel interior door

There are a few tips to help you when choosing a glass panel interior door:

  1. High quality glass and its physical properties are the most important when choosing doors.

Modern technologies for tempering glass increase its strength at times, making it the most secure. Even if the glass is broken, it has small fragments with blunt edges that will not lead to injuries. Very interesting is technology triplex. A few glass panes glued together polymer film. Break this glass is difficult. But even if that happens, shards of glass scatter, and not remain on the plastic film.

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  1. Exterior glass panel interior door should depend on the premises in which they are installed. If the door has a decorative in nature, you can choose any option, even completely transparent door. If the glass door will be installed between the dark hallway and light cuisine, it is better to use a more transparent door for better lighting a hallway. The glass panel interior door that leads to the bedroom should be dark and opaque.
  2. Not a lesser role, also, played by design. They can be:

* Completely transparent;

* Completely matte, which is processed with a sandblast. Such glass is not transparent and at the same time allows much light;

* using sandblasting can be a figure, leaving a clear space;

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* Fluted glass transmits light as well, but hides the space from unwanted views;

* Beautifully decorate your door a color picture on glass, making it unique;

* Lights door diodes will design a room a certain mystery and mystique.

  1. Choosing a glass panel interior door, consider the method of opening.

There are swing (as How to choose fire rated wood doors), roller and swing doors. Pendulum is more common in public buildings, and hinged and roller-in homes.

Roller mechanism saves space. Roller door moves along the wall. The door can be equipped with automatic opening system.

  1. And the most important tip. To install glass doors invite professional. Home expert will not be able to produce a quality installation.

19 Photos of the A glass panel interior door

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