10 ideas to create bright and creative the walls in the interior

10 examples of unusual design of the walls.

If you want to radically change the interior of the apartment – there is no more effective and simple solutions than unusual to make walls. With 10 creative ideas collected in our survey, it is possible to turn the house into a work of art.

These solutions are suitable for those who are not afraid of experiments and bright colors. Most of the ideas do not have to implement for large areas you can first try to convert the corridor, part of the bedroom or office. But as soon as the room will produce tremendous impression on the guests, looking at the standard boring interior will not succeed.
Tiles with gradient effect

Tiles with gradient effect.

Wall with gradient effect will look great in a narrow space, e.g., in the hallway or the bathroom. You do not even have to pick up tiles of different colors. Existing tile can be primed and then covered with several layers of ordinary acrylic paint that is not afraid of water.
Map for wall decor

Geographical maps instead of Wallpaper.

Use for decoration as maps – not new, but very effective idea. To cover a large area of the wall need Wallpapers, and design for small surfaces you can use normal maps on a large scale.

Fabulous painting in the nursery.

The wall in this children’s room is like entering a fantasy world. To implement this idea needed a mural that can be performed by persons without professional artistic skills. The main thing – nice to mix shades and apply a few parts prepared stencil.

Graffiti in the bedroom.

Wall, painted graffiti – great for student apartments. The effect will skyrocket if you find like curtains and textiles. This solution will appeal to fans of challenging contrasts and bright colors.

The walls are covered with slate paint.

Coating slate paint can be safely used in any room – living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery. Even clean wall will make the room contrast and original, and the patterns on the surface can be changed though every week. A great opportunity to practice drawing and calligraphy.
Garland on a brick wall

Garland on a brick wall.

This idea can be used by those who have arranged the interior in loft style and has a rough brick wall. If you pick up an electric garland, the color of the cord which matches the shade of the wall, get the effect of lights suspended in the air. Looks festive and very gently.
Wallpaper with a print of trees

Wallpaper with a pattern of tree trunks.

Wallpaper with a pattern of trees will always look great in the interior. They attract attention and make the room more fresh and romantic. But even more interesting choice – a figure representing the shadows of the trees. This cover looks visually light and mysterious.
Wood trim

Wood on the walls.

Natural wood – the symbol of comfort, warmth and permanence of a home. There are many options for placing it in the interior we chose a coating consisting of a number of wooden circles or squares.
Book pages

The wall is decorated with book pages.

A budget and stylish way to design the walls if performed very carefully. The entire surface is decorated with pages from old books, glued a bit of overlap. So you can quickly update a portion of the wall above the Desk.
The painting and the lamp
An unusual painting on the walls.

The original idea is to fit the lamp in the composition of the picture. So sconces in the form of light makes the landscape on the Wallpaper even more realistic, visually expanding the space of the room.

25 Photos of the 10 ideas to create bright and creative the walls in the interior